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Why customers call FULL HARNESS IT

"The website was just what we were looking for."

Swimming for Dogs, Massages for Horses

Canine hydrotherapy is a vital service for improving dogs health and Lara of The Veterinary Physiotherapy Clinic in Ayrshire is the best. As a fully qualified physiotherapist she has been treating animals at her facilities in Dunlop Ayrshire which includes stabling for horses, treatment rooms and hydrotherapy pool. FullHarnessIT are proud to help, providing IT support and web services. For Veterinary Physiotherapy and Canine Hydrotherapy in Scotland visit

Stock Taking - Barcoding Fish

Its stock take time again and the handheld scanners are dutifully talking to headoffice in another country. The fish count that used to take many staff a week now takes one person one day. Yes 1 person 1 day. Whats more it's more accurate and informative than anything achieved in a notepad. I'm not sure though if there was 156 in that tank or 157... best start again.

Delta 8 - Multimedia Mayhem

Picking up other peoples problems is our speciality and this one came out of the blue. The Delta 8 multimedia distribution system is a nice unit that simply sends telephone, data and TV around your house. Some simple rules however are worth noting. Always put two or more sockets in a room to give ample choice. Read the instructions, using incorrect cabling can damage network equipment. Earth the unit properly and ensure that the installer is competant in the job. It is not complicated but people do get it wrong. Also be aware that sequencer hardware maybe required where HD sky services are required. If you've done your homework then I thoroughly recommend it. Just order it early.

Business Servers - Servers For Farmers

Our latest range of budget servers for small offices is now available and we're off to the Westmorland County Show to display it's capabilities. 'what does a farmer need a server for?' I hear you ask. Well, if you want your data backed up automatically and you want secure file access with webmail and calender tools that replace expensive business suites then this is the one for you. It can also be accessible by you from anywhere in the world.

Book Publishing - Lavender Madness

Well it's not prime BBC but it is STV at 5pm. Karon runs a small business growing herbs and producing fine smelling things for the house. We help to provide all her IT services including hosting her Blog and Shop, providing her laptops and advice and generally helping to publish her book. Open Office was the surprising but perfect choice for this.

Remote Access - Broadband for Badgers

Well not badgers exactly but everyone now wants broadband and if your on a farm then life is hard. Even farms close to towns can be stuck without decent internet access. Our range of systems now includes 3G routers that use the phone network and satellite broadband that works anywhere that you can see the sky.. it's harder than you think. So stuck on a farm and need a solution? We can work something out.